This web blog is intended to be a repository for descriptions and updates of software tools developed specifically for the BRAIN CoGS collaboration.

The Brain Registration and Histology Core Facility at Princeton University is one of the five cores of BRAIN CoGS. In this core, we perform whole-brain clearing, imaging and image processing on tissue types submitted upon request. Our aim is to provide a streamlined and user-friendly pipeline for users of the Core Facility. Toward this aim, we put together a platform called “lightserv” for users to submit, track and visualize their light sheet experiments at all stages in the pipeline. See our gallery for examples of past applications. This platform uses Datajoint to store metadata about submitted requests and their associated data in a database. This makes the experiments performed with the light sheet microscope more accessible, reproducible and standardized among the different labs in BRAIN CoGS.

To learn more about the Core Facility or to submit a request to lightserv, please go to: https://braincogs00.pni.princeton.edu (note: you must be in the Princeton network to access this site). For any other questions contact Austin Hoag at ahoag@princeton.edu.